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Wednesday Nuggets

Go on through that thing. I can't tell you how many people have told me they are going through something devastating. Well I tell them to go on through that thing! It doesn't matter what you are going through. It matters "how" you go through. Job one of my favorite biblical personalities probably went through more than many of us and he said, "But he knows the way that I take: when he has tried my, I shall come forth as pure gold." Job 23:10. I say to you today, that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. And Just like Job, God knows what you are going through. But you have to be willing to go through it if you want to come forth as gold. I don't mind going through because I know that everything I am going through came to pass, and all those people who knew what I was going through and chose not to help me or assist me will see God bring me forth and they too will marvel at how I was able to make it with His grace! So go on through that thing and COME FORTH! Glory to God!

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